Sunday, October 23, 2016

Common Canon PIXMA Error Codes and solution

While using any canon printer model, many face certain error codes which are difficult to interpret and resolve. If you are not technically sound then error codes are the biggest nightmare for any. So, below are some of the error codes with their solutions which might help you troubleshoot the glitch without any technical support assistance. However, if the issue remains prevalent then take help of canon printer support , who are brilliant in the field.

1. Error Code 5100 - This error might arise due to smearing or scratches in the carriage slit film or any foreign material or paper debris that obstructs the carriage movement. The solution for this error code is to clean the timing slit film or remove any foreign material from the ink cartridge or replace any one of the following, -

Carriage Unit

Carriage Motor

Timing Slit disk film

2. Error Code 6000 - This error code might appear because of smearing or scratches on the LF/ Ej slit film or any foreign material deposit in the LF drive. The error code occurred in the LF encoder signal can cause a lot of problems, hence, by cleaning the LF/ EJ slit film you can easily troubleshoot the glitch.

3. Error Code 5C00 - An error occurred in the purge unit is the reason behind 5C00. The only solution for this error code is to either replace purge drive system unit or logic board. 

If you find yourself in middle of any error and wish to resolve it immediately then instead of searching for the appropriate answer, dial the toll-free number of canon printer support who are backed by the technicians who are well versed with the issues and their solutions. So, don't wait for a miracle to happen just get in touch with experts and resolve your printer error at the earliest to resume your work.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Canon G2000 series printer problems and their solutions

Nowadays, a printer is required in every facet of people's working whether you are at home or in an office. If you managed to keep it fine then you will not be disrupted because of any printer problem but if you missed even a single error message then the printer would become the biggest obstacle in your path to success. Though there are different types of printer problems in every model but here are some listed problems and their solution specifically in Canon G2000 series. You can either take the support of Canon printer customer support to troubleshoot the problem or can take help from below-mentioned tricks to resolve it as per convenience.

1. Print results are unsatisfactory - If the print quality is unsatisfactory due to misaligned lines, or uneven colors then check for the page size and media type settings. It should match the size and type of loaded paper to make the print results of great quality. Also, make sure that you have opted for appropriate print quality paper by selecting correct printer driver. If you notice any blurs or uneven colors then increase the print quality setting and retry the printing.

2. Printing Stops - This error could happen because of many issues, like paper not loaded properly, delay in processing graphics or images from the web, or continuous printing for a longer duration. If any of the problems is there then troubleshoot it with the help of technicians over the phone call from canon printer customer support and resolve it without causing any future havoc.

3. Paper Jams - One of the common printer problems is paper jams. It could be because of poor quality paper or some dirt deposit in the printer. If there is a paper jam then pull the stuck paper in your direction and clean the printer carefully from time to time. Also, your quality and appropriate paper for printing.

These are major three problems which are faced by a canon G2000 series printer user. If you have no knowledge about printer's working then take help from Canon printer customer support who have years of experience in the field.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Best Photograph enthusisast Canon Printer Review

If you wish to buy a device which gives you an added advantage over competitors then it has to be a printer. A printer can transform all the computer work into reality. There are a variety of printer models and manufacturers available in the market to set forth the quality and stability on their devices. One such printer manufacturer is Canon, who is known worldwide for its unmatched quality in technology and canon printer support. There are various printer models as per diverse requirements and needs. In order to full fill the need of amateur photographers and image-centric small workgroups, Canon PIXMA MG5320 is favourable to use. Below are some features and drawbacks of owning this printer model.

This printer model's new imaging suite with automatic photo filters, PIXMA cloud ink printing technology, integrated disc labeler and HD movie print make this really useful for photographers or graphic designers. The printer has successfully passed the speed and quality tests. Also, Canon PIXMA MG5320 at this cost and with all features of image printing proves to be a competent one. There is a 3 inch LCD screen with all setup options available on top to properly use the printer's capabilities and to adjust the printer settings without any hassle. The paper tray has a holding capacity of 150- sheets and can also accept a range of paper sizes from 4X6 inch snapshots to legal-size sheets.

Though the printer does not support ethernet port but you can still set up a wireless connection to print any image through your smartphone. Also, the printer lacks high-yield cartridges making its operational cost expensive and there is also a possibility of more expenses at the time of replacing the cartridge. Henceforth, choose the printer model wisely.

If in the case of any printer problem, feel free to take help from experts of canon printer support of who are excellent in their field and provides reliable services to clients all across the world. Simply dial their toll-free number and get unlimited access to unmatched services.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Genuine Review Canon PIXMA MX700

Do you wish to combine high-quality output with fast speed in your printer ? If so, then have a look at the features of Canon PIXMA MX700. This printer comes out to be the top in the best multifunctional inkjet printer category. The Canon Technical Support experts provide a fair review on the working of this MFP. 

The printer is big as compared to its previous model. It comes with various features like, a 30 sheet automatic document feeder which helps any user to scan the legal document easily, two memory card slots, PictBridge-enabled USB port which allows printer user to print directly off from your memory card or PictBridge devices. The printer is mounted with a 1.8-inch color LCD screen on the top of the printer which supports various control functions like printing, scanning or copying any document or image. You can even preview your image on the screen before clicking on the print button. The setting option is also on top helping you to navigate through the basic functions of the printer.

The printer offers fast print and copy speeds making it likable among the offices or at home. It also offers great print and scan quality. With the help of ADF, you can print anything on both sides of the printer. Though the printer lacks advanced fax and duplexer features. Still, this printer is purchased by small offices or startups across the world. The Canon PIXMA MX700 is a great choice and one should consider this printer if you want good quality at less price.

If there is any problem in near future then take help from Canon Printer through Canon Technical Support technicians, who have expertise and skills to resolve any complex issue. Just dial the toll-free number today to get instant support.